Spring Burn 🔥🤗

Spring Burn 🔥🤗

A cosy spring burn at Hökås! Let’s celebrate the return of light by coming together once again. This is the time to tend to the seeds we have sown for this year, the intentions we wish to bloom in its fullness this coming year. Does that blooming still feel far from where you are at in this moment? Don't worry dear friend, You still have plenty of time to get there. Take a deep breath now and feel the ground beneath you. This is an invitation to slow down and come together. To tend to what is already growing in tenderness. To let go of what has not sprouted or is ready to be shed, as the sun begins to warm our bodies and souls once again. To let yourself be nourished and held by presence and community.

When: May 9th-12th (4 days, 3 nights)
Lodging: Temple (max 14?), Tents, Van...
Membership fee (sharing expenses, all food included): 600 SEK for all days, or 250 SEK/day
Apply: https://forms.gle/HyPr5Gqg2ZZRR7PW8
Age limit: 18+

Popular activities from previous burns:

🤗 Cosy hangout with cooking and eating together, cuddle puddles, bonfire
💃 Dancing, conscious playful movement
🧘 Meditative mornings, guided sessions with qi gong, yoga
🥶 Sauna, and cold baths in the pond
☕ Cacao ceremony
🙏 Authentic relating / circling / relatefulness - presensing together
🥰 Ceremony to tend to that wich we wish to manifest this year
🤩 Energy practice workshops - Osho tantric flow, breathwork eye gazing, classic tantra samskara digesting, energy body practices
😘 Intimate embodiment and relatefulness practices
❓ ...what do you want to add?

🔥 The gathering will be held in a burner style. We are all doing this together; this is not a resort where you pay a lot and then get your bed made, food served, and workshops preplanned.

The 10+1 principles of burning events: http://jameswickham.com/

The principles of Self Reliance and Self Expression takes many forms.
• We open up for deep healing of trauma and emotions.
• People may be naked.
• People may be crying, screaming.
• People may be intimate.
• It's ok. It's all ok.To hold and be held.
To share and to listen.
To rest and to relate.
In authentic peace, love, and presence.

Welcome! Keep the flame alive 🔥🎆💖🌈🌞

Facebook event, for those hanging there: https://www.facebook.com/events/1593327931478495

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