Winter Burn over New Years

Winter Burn over New Years

🤗 A cosy winter burn with New Year's celebrations at Hökås 🎆

When: Dec 29 - Jan 3 (6 days, 5 nights)
Lodging: Temple (max 14?), Tents, Van, might be some house spots for sensitives
Membership fee (sharing expenses, all food included): 1000 SEK for all days, or 250 SEK/day
Age limit: 18+

These are things we talk about doing:

🤗 Cosy hangout with cooking and eating together, cuddle puddles
🍓 Fancy New Year's dinner and Cabaret for everyone to perform and enjoy
💃 Dancing, conscious playful movement
🧘 Meditative mornings, guided sessions with qi gong
🥶 Sauna, and cold baths in the pond
☕ Cacao ceremony
🔥 Bon fire with story telling and singing
🙏 Authentic relating / circling / relatefulness - presensing together
🥰 Ceremony to release 2023 in gratitude and letting go, inviting 2024
🤩 Energy practice workshops - osho tantric flow, breathwork eye gazing, classic tantra samskara digesting energy body practices
😘 Embodied intimacy
❓ ...what do you want to add?

The gathering will be held in a burner style. We are all doing this together; this is not a resort where you pay a lot and then get your bed made, food served, and workshops preplanned.The 10+1 principles of burning events:

• We open up for deep healing of trauma and emotions.
• People may be naked.
• People may be crying, screaming.
• People may be intimate.
• It's ok. It's all ok.

To hold and be held.
To share and to listen.
To rest and to relate.
In authentic peace, love, and presence.

Welcome! Keep the flame alive 🔥💖

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