Fredrik 5 year vision (2020)

Fredrik 5 year vision (2020)

In summer of 2025, I imagine us having a collective house to the northeast of the pond, "the Heart of Hökås", with a large octagon kitchen gathering hall.  4 persons are living there with their own private quarters, and in the field down toward the pond has permaculture high beds filled with cucumbers, peas, and spices.

On a normal working day, I do my morning ceremony and then joining some group movement meditation like yoga or qi gong, before getting back to my job at the computer.  When finished with my day job, I go to join the building of a tiny house for our next human inhabitants or making dinner in the collective house.  We eat together on many evenings, sharing stories and visions, planning for both near and far future.  After cleaning up, we have a common sharing circle with whatever needs to be expressed, growing in sharing.

At each new moon, we hold a sweat lodge and set the intention for the coming moon cycle together with the ancestors and spirits of the land.

On weekends we have prospective inhabitants joining in working with the land, building our dreams, and also 1-on-1 meetings to deepen the bond and help eachother grow in our potential. Different things every weekend, but always including rest and rejuvenation in a cyclic balance.  Singing together, performing for eachother, telling stories, making plays and games.  Healing circles and raising the vibration for individuals and for the whole community.  Stability and renewal.

At equinoxes and solstices we hold festivities with our larger community from the outside world, inviting and spreading inspiration and knowledge.

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