Ecovillage vision

Ecovillage vision

Hökås ecovillage is a community, a land, and a vision of spiritual co-creation in  open authenticity, where practicality goes hand in hand with magic,  playfulness, beauty, and ecology.  Where plants and people grow  continuously side by side, nourished by the fires of community and given  room by the open air, firmly standing in the soil with the waters of  emotion always flowing freely.  Where spirit roams and manifests its  expression.


To gather a community of people

  • …valuing open authentic communication (resolving conflicts leading to closer kinship)
  • …living in personal growth of health (letting go of constructed stories that doesn't serve us)
  • …wishing to live in harmony with everything around (spirits, stones, plants, animals, humans…)


  • Collective house with big kitchen, stone oven and gathering area   🔪
  • Eisteddfod (evenings with storytelling and performances) 🎤
  • Growing edibles (permaculture and plants giving fruit year after year) 🍆
  • Festivals and gatherings, mini-burns 🔥
  • Building for the future (sustainable in all areas) 🏡
  • Magical herbs garden (tobacco, sweet grass, cedar, sage...) 🌱
  • An illustrated flora of local herbs with their magical stories and usage 🥀
  • Sauna and hot tub 😅🛁 (Edit 2022: The sauna is already built now!)
  • ...

Core values & Principles

Communication & Open authenticity

To consistently get better at open communication, with frequent check-in rounds, workshops in circling, non-violent communication, and increasing personal feeling of being safe to say what is on your mind...

Self reliance


Communal Effort