Hökås Gård Collective

Hökås Gård Collective

Our long term vision is a community with a mix of houses, collectives, tiny houses, family houses, on these 12ha of forest/meadow/hill/pond (described a bit more on the ecovillage page). Right now, there is one residential house.

EDIT September 2023: Currently we are NOT looking for collective inhabitants - we have a new tiny house family on the land and are settling in with the culture, growing slowly, but keeping this page for the future...

(We are making the two larger downstairs rooms available for people wanting to join our community, sharing the vision of building living spaces and co-creating gatherings.)

About Hökås Gård: We regularly host co-created gatherings in the themes of shamanism/animism, tantra, authentic relating, often in co-created “burner style” just sharing expenses. The place is at the end of the road, in a forest hill 5 km outside of Hyssna. We have 12 hectars of land. An old barn is housing a temple, party hall with kitchen. A large sauna overlooking a big pond where you can bath all year. A kitchen garden with fruits and berries, and place to grow as much as we want, and a big greenhouse currently hosting tomatoes and bell peppers.

About Us: Currently living here are Fredrik, Sara, 4 cats, ~20 chickens. Our three teenage kids are gradually moving out, studying elsewhere in Sweden, but are here on some school holidays.

About You: You probably enjoy nature, authentic connections (nvc, circling, conscious relating), arts and crafts, like building and growing stuff, and possibly have some personal spiritual path or practice...  

About Practicalities:

  • Located in the forests outside of Hyssna, 50 km from Gothenburg
  • 7 km from the bus stop with busses going to Gothenburg and Skene/Kinna.
  • Price: Open for discussion, depending on room and arrangements; around SEK 3-5000 incl electricity, heat, internet etc.
  • Food: We've enjoyed buying and cooking together with previous inhabitants, and splitting costs by how many we've lived in the house during each month (Oct-Feb 2023 averaged at 2300 SEK), so that's an option.
  • Chat with us and we'll take it from there, we imagine a trial stay (just sharing food expenses) for a while to see how we work together is optimal.