Event calendar

Event calendar

We host events where we gather to open up, heal, live in community, with themes around animism, shamanism, tantra, authentic relating.

Most of our events are co-created, held in a burner style. We are all doing this together; this is not a resort where you pay a lot and then get your bed made, food served, and workshops preplanned. The member fee is just set to cover expenses, then we all help out in cooking and cleaning, and hosting workshops together and for each other.

The principles of Self Reliance and Self Expression takes many forms.
• We open up for deep healing of trauma and emotions.
• People may be naked.
• People may be crying, screaming.
• People may be intimate.
• It's ok. It's all ok.

To hold and be held.
To share and to listen.
To rest and to relate.
In authentic peace, love, and presence.

The 10+1 principles of burning events:

💞 Radical Inclusion
💞 Gifting
💞 Decommodification
💞 Radical Self-Reliance
💞 Radical Self-Expression
💞 Communal Effort
💞 Civic Responsibility
💞 Leaving No Trace
💞 Participation
💞 Immediacy
💞 Consent

We organized them on Facebook. You can however read about them and use e-mail to apply by looking at the calendar.

To subscribe to the calendar, you may use this Ical link to add in your own calendar.